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  • Open Source Initiative Welcomes Internet Systems Consortium as Newest Affiliate Member

    Core community in developing and maintaining the Internet's infrastructure adds it's voice, experience and leadership to open source advocacy.

    PALO ALTO, Calif. - March 2, 2016 -- The Open Source Initiative® (OSI) is honored to announce ISC (Internet Systems Consortium), the organization behind the ongoing development and distribution of the most used name server software, BIND, has joined the OSI as an Affiliate Member. Founded in 1994, ISC plays a critical role supporting the fundamental architecture of the Internet, driving standards for the Domain Name System (DNS). ISC provides leadership both in standards development and software for the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and is an active contributor to the Internet Engineering Task Force.

    Over the years a number of software systems have either found a home at ISC or were created by ISC to better support the Internet’s infrastructure. Most impressively, all of ISC's software is distributed with an OSI-Approved Open Source License and is readily available on their website. In fact, ISC is an author of an OSI Approved License, aptly named, “ISC License.”

    “There are only a few organizations that can truly be credited for building the networked society we live in today. ISC is one of those organizations,” said Patrick Masson, General Manager of the OSI. “ISC has been cultivating the ideals of the Open Source Initiative from even before the OSI existed, and we are honored that they have joined us in our work to promote and protect open source software.”

    The OSI Affiliate Member Program, available at no-cost, allows non-profit and not-for-profit organizations—unequivocally independent groups with a clear commitment to open source—to join and support our mission to raise awareness and adoption of open source software and to build bridges among different constituencies in the open source community. Affiliate Members participate directly in the direction and development of the OSI through Board of Director elections as well as incubator projects and working groups that support software freedom. OSI membership provides a forum where some of the world's most successful open source software leaders, projects, businesses and communities engage through member-driven initiatives to, promote and protect open source software, while also to extending and improving their own open source efforts through co-creation, collaboration and community.

    Jeff Osborn, President of ISC added, "ISC has developed and supported open source systems for many years. We are delighted to join forces with other open source advocates and developers to help bring a unified voice to our growing movement.”

    About ISC
    Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) is a 501(c)3 public benefit corporation widely known for world‐class Internet software engineering and network operations. Founded in 1994 under an initial grant from UUNET, ISC is governed today by a 4-member Board of Directors. ISC software, of which BIND, ISC DHCP and Kea are the best‐known examples, is open source. ISC created and maintains Internet core technology.

    ISC also operates a high‐reliability global network of DNS root servers (F‐root, DLV and AS112). ISC is actively involved in Internet protocol and standards development. ISC is supported financially by donations, and by revenues from technical support and advance security notification services. A community of committed technical experts responds to user questions on ISC’s popular public mailing lists and package ISC software for all of the major UNIX and Linux distributions. For further information, please visit

    About the Open Source Initiative
    Founded in 1998, the Open Source Initiative ( protects and promotes open source by providing a foundation for community success. It champions open source in society through education, infrastructure and collaboration. As the steward of the Open Source Definition, the OSI is recognized internationally as the sole standards body for certifying open source licenses and preventing abuse of the open source concept by bad actors. The (OSI) is a California public benefit corporation, with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

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    Edward Schauweker

  • OSI Director Paul Tagliamonte's Testimony to NYC Council Contracts Committee
    Aidan Feldman of 18F; David Moore, creator of CouncilMatic; NYC Council Member Ben Kallos; John Sullivan, Executive Director of the Free Software Foundation, and; Paul Tagliamonte, Board Director of the Open Source Initiative at New York City Hall.

    The OSI was invited to provide commentary on New York City Council's consideration of the Free and Open Source Software Act and the Civic Commons Act, both proposed by Council Member Ben Kallos. These bills would increase the use of free and open source software by New York City departments and agencies.

    On February 23rd, 2016 OSI Board Director Paul Tagliamonte, speaking on the OSI's behalf, presented the following testimony to the City Council. We would very much like to thank the New York City Council, the Contracts Committee, and New York City Council Member Ben Kallos for the opportunity to speak.

    Contracts Committee Hearing on Free and Open Source Act

    Thank you to Council Member Benjamin Kallos for inviting the Open Source Initiative (OSI) to give testimony relating to Introduction 366-2014 and 365-2014. I am submitting this testimony on behalf of the OSI, as a member of the OSI's Board of Directors.

    The Open Source Initiative is a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to protect and promote open source software, development and communities, championing software freedom in society through education, collaboration, and infrastructure, stewarding the Open Source Definition (OSD), and preventing abuse of the ideals and ethos inherent to the open source movement.

    Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is software which, at its core, defends the rights of its users. As a body which is accountable to the taxpayers, it's the duty of any Democratic Government to be accountable to its citizens. By ensuring the Government operates using as much Free and Open Source Software as possible, you ensure that both the Government and its citizens have visibility into the software which is running the Government, as well as ensure citizens are able to truly use any works or data produced by the Government.

    As technology starts to become a bigger part of how cities operate, it's critical that different components are able to interoperate and evolve as the city evolves. The ability to modify the software will only become more important as time goes on.

    Even when it comes to support for a large-scale deployment, proprietary software forces the city to sign large contracts with a single vendor to ensure the systems continue to run. With Free and Open Source Software, commodity contractors are able to maintain these systems. This keeps the work at market rate, and allows the city to contract local software shops, helping taxpayers ensure they get the best value, and keeping city dollars with citizens.

    Finally, by providing a shared platform that allows the city to collaboratively maintain and host software it depends on, you can provide an incentive to pool resources and in some cases engage citizens in collaboration, thus reducing cost to the taxpayer by eliminating redundancy by not having to maintain multiple installations of the same software.

    Executive Director of BetaNYC, Noel Hidalgo; Participatory Politics Foundation Executive Director, David Moore; Software Freedom Conservancy Executive Director, Karen Sandler, and; Free Software Foundation Executive Director, John Sullivan also provided testimony in support of the acts.

    We wish the New York City Council and the City of New York all the best in your exploration of Free and Open Source Software, fully support your efforts, and stand ready to offer our assistance in any way you may need.

    Thank you,
    The OSI Board of Directors

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  • Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst Announced as Keynote for Open Summit

    Author of Bestselling Book The Open Organization to Explore Principles of Openness for Higher Education

    PALO ALTO, Calif. - Feb. 24, 2016 - PRLog -- Jim Whitehurst, president and CEO of Red Hat and author of the popular management book from Harvard Business Review Press, The Open Organization: Igniting Passion and Performance, will be the opening keynote for the inaugural Open Summit, a forum for college and university leaders, taking place May 23rd, 2016 at New York University's Washington Square Campus.

    The Open Summit will explore the rapidly expanding domain of open educational initiatives, and assess their impact across the campus and curriculum. The event will bring together a broad base of educational stakeholders to share best practices in open education, common understanding of open approaches, and strategic directions, in order to better facilitate communication and synchronization across the emerging open landscape.

    Whitehurst will present on how institutions of higher education can foster innovation and enable change by applying many of the open principles discussed in The Open Organization as a strategic response to disruption caused by the proliferation of open educational and technological initiatives. Whitehurst’s lessons learned from his eight years at Red Hat´s helm will provide valuable insights for educational leaders eager to, as Forbes Magazine’s Brook Manville put it, transform their own institutions by “building a culture that blends accountability and efficiency with creative and frontline freedom.” His talk will explain how open principles based on transparency, participation, and community can reinvent any organization, including educational institutions, for the fast-paced, socially-connected, digital-era.

    The Open Summit will take place on May 23rd, 2016 at New York University’s Washington Square Campus, New York, NY and is organized by The Apereo Foundation, a global network of over 75 institutions of higher education supporting open resources used in thousands of colleges and universities, and the Open Source Initiative, which works internationally to raise awareness and adoption of open source software and build bridges between open communities of practice. Other organizers helping to develop the program and support for the event include Moodle and Oregon State University.

    The Open Summit will include speakers from across open disciplines and communities providing college and university presidents, provosts, CIO/CTOs, and business officers insights on how campuses can develop and leverage an open culture to build community, respond quickly to opportunities, and harness resources, and talent both inside and outside the organization, while inspiring, motivating, and empowering people at all levels to act with accountability.

    Open initiatives impacting higher education—commonly associated with open educational resources and open source software—are academic, research, and administrative resources available under an intellectual property license that permits their free use and re-purposing by others. These are often created and managed by communities of practice outside an institution's direct control. Understanding the broad application of these open resources, and the impact of “the open ethos” on academic and administrative services, is critical for institutions and educational leaders as openly licensed resources and the communities that manage them continues to influence the education sector.

    For more information regarding the Open Summit please visit:

  • Let's meet the 2016 OSI Board of Directors candidates!

    The nominations for the Open Source Initiative board of directors closed on February 15th and we are delighted to share our list of candidates with you!

    We are excited that so many people want to take part, and as such would like to introduce you to the candidates before voting opens on February 29th.

    Learn about the candidates online

    Check out the list of candidates and read what they had to say about their backgrounds and interest in serving on the board. We have eight candidates running for the sole individual member seat, and four candidates running for the two affiliate member seats.

    Each candidate page also features a comments section where you can ask about their plans, hopes, and views for the Association and the project. We only ask that you use this comments section as a place to ask questions, not endorse candidates please.

    Our voting system

    To learn more about our voting system, we have compiled the information here.

    Upcoming 2016 Election Schedule

    February 29, 2016: Voting opens
    March 14, 2016 (midnight PST): Voting closes
    March 21, 2016: run-off elections (if needed)
    April 1, 2016: elected members take seats

  • Support the OSI´s Work on Behalf of the Open Source Community

    Participate in Our Membership Drive Today

    The Open Source Initiative turn 18 this year, and we´re running now our membership drive for the 2nd time. To coincide with our 2016 Board elections, we´ll be recruiting new members through the end of the elections on March 14, 2016.

    By becoming a member, you not only get a number of benefits like discounted conference passes and gratis technical training content, but more importantly you also get the option to immediately get involved in our voting process!

    By supporting the OSI through your membership, you ensure that we can protect open source licensing as a community -you don’t just help one open source project, you help all of them! Only with a strong and active member base can we thrive in our role as the internationally recognised nexus of trust and the foundation for open source software. We need your support to support Open Source.

    If you are already a member, please consider asking your friends to join us. We´ve added a bit of FAQ text at the end of this post so you can send it along to those folks you think benefit from our work and who would like to participate in the OSI´s governance and projects.

    Our membership drive goal is to sign up 2398 new members, as was last year’s goal - a nod to our founding on the 3rd of February, 1998.

    Please join as a member today!

    Spreading The Word

    Please help spread the word about the OSI membership campaign, whether by posting about it, or sharing posts you have read on the subject. Your participation is integral to the success of the Open Source Initiative.

    The official hashtag when tweeting about the campaign is #for2398.

    Joining takes less than 5 minutes and is just 40 USD. You can become a member for one year and even or have your membership fees renewed automatically each year.

    Please support the OSI now!

    FAQ information about the OSI:

    What is the Open Source Initiative (OSI)?
    The open source initiative is a non-profit organisation that focusses on raising awareness and adoption rates of Open Source Software (OSS).

    We are a pragmatic community organisation that understands how developers, businesses, governments, and open source interact.

    We are a globally recognised body for approving OSS licenses, and steward of the Open Source Definition.

    The OSI serves as an international nexus of trust, protecting and promoting open source software as well as the communities that develop and depend on it. Since 1998, the OSI has brought together open source developers, organizers, contributors, advocates, and businesses around the common goal of creation through collaboration.

    Individual Membership

    Why should I become a member?
    Membership provides several benefits to individuals, the OSI and open source software. Only OSI Individual Members can vote for OSI Board Directors: they can even run for Director seats themselves. Individual Members are invited to join or create OSI sponsored Working Groups and Incubator Projects in various areas of open source advocacy and adoption. Individual Members are eligible for grants to attend conferences and meetings related to open source software on behalf of the OSI. Not only this, but individual members also get the following benefits:

    Your membership fee ($40 per year) goes directly towards promoting and protecting Open Source Software. If we reach our goal of 2,398 new members, we’ll not only raise $95,920 to help us with our operations and community-based initiatives, we’ll also build an even stronger constituency to support our efforts to raise awareness about and adoption of Affiliate member projects, open source software, its communities and its global scope.